March 25, 2020

Greetings beloved members of Immanuel Lutheran Church,

The church Executive Committee would like to assure you that during this rapidly changing corona virus pandemic, we continue to pray and work for you and the church.  This is just a quick reminder of the needs of our church family. 


Online worship is in full swing and we hope to “see” many of you at 9:00 am Sunday morning as we worship together while apart.  As a reminder, events are being streamed via
Immanuel’s Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/Immanuel-Lutheran-Church-Killeen-Texas-159278254154915/.  
If you are not able to catch events live, they may also be found on our YouTube channel at:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZolhxfHcRD17MeLTIAIFow.  
Another option is the “videos” link on our web-page at: http://killeenimmanuel.com/videos.shtml. 

Immanuel’s need for your financial support does not change during this time of crisis; in fact, it grows greater.  Your continued financial offerings are important for the church to continue normal operations until we can meet again.  Along with paying our own payroll, utilities, and upkeep expenses, your offerings go to support many organizations in our local community that will rely on our generosity even more during this troublesome time.   There are many ways you may continue to give during this time of trial. You can drop your check off in the mailbox at the church - it is locked and secure. You can ask your bank to send an electronic check to the church or select automatic monthly transfers. You can also set up an account with Tithe.ly to give online. Click this link to find out how: http://www.killeenimmanuel.com/online-giving.shtml. Please note - there is a small fee to use Tithe.ly. Thank you for your continued financial support. 

Please continue to pray for healing and recovery for those directly affected by this pandemic. Pray for families that are grieving for lost loved ones taken by the corona virus. Pray for strength and continued well-being for healthcare workers fighting on the front lines of a global health crisis. Pray for those who keep our stores stocked and those who bring the goods to market. Pray for our local, county, state, and national governments as they make hard decisions to keep us safe. Pray for the release of fear that has us in its strong grip. And lastly, pray that as believers we will faithfully love God and love our neighbors and that we continue to be bearers of Christ’s hope and peace in an anxious and fearful world. 


Joy, Brenda, Larry, & Shawn 
Executive Committee
Immanuel Lutheran Church Killeen, TX