Immanuel Lutheran Church
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Killeen, Texas 76542
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April 7, 2021

Greetings members of Immanuel!
It would appear that we have COVID-19 on the run!  Governor Abbott’s Executive Order #34 has reopened Texas.  The order continues to strongly encourage face coverings and social distancing.  Bell County’s COVID-19 hospital utilization rate has dropped well below the 15% maximum, and active cases in Bell and Coryell Counties are showing decreases in the number of new cases.  Many of you have reported that you are fully vaccinated (two to three weeks past your second shot) or have at least the first shot.  

Due to an expected increase in the vaccine supply, the Texas Department of State Health Services has announced that on March 29 the state will open vaccinations to all eligible adults who meet the requirement of the current Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorizations. Generally, this means anyone 16 years old and above will be eligible.  If you haven’t had the vaccine and would like to, please sign up when you are able.  The CDC has also updated guidance for schools stating that three feet of social distancing is okay if masks are worn.  

In light of all these positive changes, the ILC Church Council has unanimously voted to reopen for in-person worship beginning on April 11th at 9:00am!  For now it will look pretty much the same as it did back in November with the exception of three feet instead of six feet between church members, but just like we are seeing the new life blooming for spring we will continue to see positive changes and one day soon we will return to a fully open status.  Please, I ask that you continue to wear a face covering, and for at least the first service on the 11th, I ask that you RSVP to me (Shawn) by email to

85shawn.kelley@gmail.com or text to 254-368-5799 if you plan to attend.  This will help the Council to arrange the chairs to maintain the three-foot social distance.  We may find that we can easily fit everyone who wishes to attend.  If this is the case we will drop the RSVP request.  This is great news, and I can’t wait to see your smiling faces in church!

As always, please continue to support the mission of the church through the giving of your time, talents, and offerings.  Our support to local organizations and the church’s expenses are more critical than ever. 

Thank you and many blessings to you all!