June 2018            


A Meditation for Pentecost

“Suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind”. (Acts 2:2)

Pentecost happened with a bang.  Heaven came down to earth and blew through the upper room.  God’s fire, spectacular divine flames from heaven created the church—a group of people set ablaze with God’s spirit of hospitality.  


Pentecost is a miracle with an invitation. The Spirit of God led the followers of Jesus to open their lives to everyone - open, to different people and different languages.


Pentecost was also a miracle of communication - that led to a miracle of fellowship: people came together, foreigners became family members, strangers became friends.  They devoted themselves to prayer and fellowship, to being with one another.


People opened their homes to worship - breaking bread, talking about Jesus, and sharing God’s love. They offered their property to anyone who was in need. The Spirit of Pentecost formed communities of fruitful fellowship and faithful followers.


To celebrate Pentecost is to remember that heaven has come to earth, that Jesus is here among us, that the Spirit is constantly on the move. For the disciples gathered in the upper room, their minds followed their feet, out the door, into the world.  They hurried out the door and into the streets to share good news in unfamiliar languages that their minds could not understand. Only their heart could understand. This is the way of faith.


Faith increases in us, when we welcome strangers into our houses of worship, when we disrupt our  established routine, and, when we gather in one another's homes, work places, or, leisure activities.


Pentecost becomes a vision of eternal life.


The story of Pentecost begins and ends with the followers of Jesus gathered together, hiding behind closed doors, waiting… And, the Spirit comes, bringing foreigners and strangers to worship and pray.


Pentecost reminds us that nothing happens as we had planned. That’s the way it is with God’s plan. That’s how it is for people who welcome the Spirit of Pentecost.

                                                                      Frederick Hill, Interim Pastor